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    My name is Polly Harper and I have been teaching swim lessons locally for 30 years. I want each student to be safe in the water and be the best swimmer they can be. I have found that teaching children in small groups is the most effective way to accomplish this goal. With only 2 students in a class I am able to take each student and teach them as many skills as they are ready to learn. I have a kind, but firm approach that encourages students to grow and gain confidence in their skills.

    Classes are 30 minutes each and there are 5 lessons in a session. The lessons will be MWF for 2 weeks That being said, please pick weeks where there are no other conflicts with your child's lesson. I encourage beginning swimmers to sign up for more than one week to solidify what they have learned and to build on their new skills. Private lessons are available upon request for an additional fee.

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    The swimming lessons are held in San Juan Bautista at 525 Anzar Rd.


    June 10,12,17,19,21



    July 1,3,8,10,12



    July 15,17,19,22,24



    July 29,31 Aug 2,5,7


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